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Contracts and Applications

The contract will also serve as the health warranty.    I accept applications and when the time comes I will contact those of you in order of receipts of applications.  I also ask that if you find a puppy before I have contacted you,  please be kind and let me know so that I can take you off of the list.

Shipping a puppy

I have proudly used both Pacific Coastal Airlines and West Jet to ship pups in B.C.  and to Alberta.  I am able to ship across Canada depending on connections and the total travel time.    I am also able to ship to the USA.   Again total travel time for the puppy will determine whether or not I will do this.

Both of these airlines provide outstanding service and I trust them completely with the safety of your new family member.  Prices vary depending on size of crate and shipping areas.  I will be happy to arrange everything for you.  The cost of shipping and an airline approved crate will be passed on .
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