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Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian home?



At Alpine Ridge Berners and Bernedoodles, my dogs are family members; they are walked, played with and loved . I believe that every dog deserves this, so I am looking for loving and trustworthy families to foster my breeding dogs as their own. This allows me to expand my breeding program, making sure that each of my dogs will get the loving home it deserves.

Most of the dogs available to guardian homes will be puppies; however I occasionally have adult dogs available as well. Adoption fees are waived, and in exchange for a new loving family member for you, we retain breeding rights for a specified number of litters, or years for a male puppy. A small deposit is needed  as a show of good faith and will be returned once the puppy is retired from breeding.

Males would return to our home for breeding purposes.  Females return for breeding purposes and for 7-8 weeks for the birth and care of each litter.

Guardian families must live on Vancouver Island and in the case of a male no farther than 2 hours away from Campbell River.

We have expanded to the Vancouver area for females only at this time.  The contract will be amended for families  living  on the mainland re travel arrangements for breeding and whelping .  

Please contact me for more information.

Guardian Home Wanted

Guardian Homes is not needed until further notice !!!!!!!!!


If you are interested in being a Guardian in the future, please contact me so we can see if you are the right fit for our family. 


Thanks,  Gena

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