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Puppy Pricing

Puppy prices for your Bernedoodle or Bernese puppy does not include shipping.  If you need to have your puppy shipped,  I will be happy to make the arrangements for you.

What goes into pricing

Each pup is  wormed, vet health checked, come with first vaccines and  is paper trained.  Your pup also comes with a 2 year health warranty and life time support.




Pups are fed a balanced raw food diet from animals that are raised on an antibiotic, hormone free diet.  This includes raw green tripe. Buddies Natural Pet Food They are later introduced to a high quality grain free kibble from Fromms. They are also treated with turkey necks, beef bones and dried sardines .

I understand that not all families are able to afford to feed a larger dog a raw food diet.

This is why I introduce the pups to the kibble as well.  A diet change can result in a stressed gut and bringing a new pup to the vet for diarreah is the#1 reason a vet sees a young pup.  They have a system they need to go through to diagnose your pup and it costs the owners a lot of money. 

I will do the ground work for you.  There should be no reason for you to run to a vet for dietary concerns.

I will make sure that your pup is doing well on a high end grain free kibble as well as the raw.  I specifically use Fromms Hassen Duckenpfeffer with the pups .   My choice of kibbles IS NOT a pup food.  That said I have spoken to the companies nutritionist.  The calcium to phosphorus ratio is balanced.  The fat content and meat content is also just fine.  In fact  the ingredients and percentages of what a pup needs in this brand exceeds  any food that you would ever find in a grocery store as well as 80% of what is available at a pet food specialty store.

Since Acana moved south f the border.........
Since the rumour began July 2018, I have spent countless hours discussing other kibble options with many companies nutritionists.  I found a few Canadian products that I did like and would approve in my warranty but I was on the search for better, if I could find it and I did !!   

I stumbled across Fromms !!!   

Because I favour a duck protein, I use the Hassenduckenpfeffer.  It is fantastic and is just fine for a puppy.  The nutrients are  top notch and the ratios are  perfect. 
Although this is an American company.  It is family owned and the recipes are exciting !!   My dogs do very well on it as well as the pups.   There are 9 grain free options to chose from.   


Acana has since changed their Duck recipe.  While I am sure many dogs will adjust, many will not.  I highly recommend switching to Fromms.  
While we strive to support Canadian companies, I haven't found a duck recipe in Canada that compared to Acana.  While Fromms is an American company, you will find that the places who carry them are usually small or family owned.  So you can take comfort that you are in fact supporting Canadian business.  In fact you are supporting the most important Canadian businesses.   And you are getting an extremely superior product. So if you are using Acana, I highly recommend you switch to Fromms.  If you cannot find it??  I will help you out.    That is how much I believe that Fromms is the best kibble available to your dog or puppy.

Pups are also introduced to fresh fruits and vegetables.  I am happy to share a list of fruits and vegetables that are not only safe for your new family member but they are necessary and vital for health and nutrition.    Pups are no different than people.  Invest in a quality diet from the start and your vet visits will be fewer and cheaper in the long run.

I will provide you with information on gut flora and how it is affected by things like vaccines, deworming, medications, poor diet etc and how to restore a good healthy balance again.  I work hard to learn about proper nutrition for pups and dogs and I am always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may.  I am with you as the breeder for the life of your pup.  You DO NOT just give me your money  and disappear into the night.   I am constantly learning and educating myself and trying to stay on top of the latest news and breakthroughs for a pups health.  All of the companies that I deal with,  I have spoken at length with their nutritionists to make sure I am happy with the quality of their products.  If what I recommend is not available in your area,  I will go out of my way to research other brands of food that you are looking at to find a food or products that is up to my high standards and within a reasonable budget.  You are expected to maintain high standards for your pups food and nutrition in order for your health warranty to remain valid !!!!!  For those looking at home cooking for their pups.  I have put together a few balanced and healthy recipes that are easy to make for your new family member.

Ye Olde Price List : 

A deposit of $750 is required to hold a puppy.  If you have paid $250 for the wait list,  the balance of $500 is due when your puppy is born.

Bernese Mountain Dogs     

  Not available in the near future

Bernedoodles -  Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle F1's and F1b's and F2's Aussie Bernedoodles etc.

Please contact for pricing.  Price generally goes by colouring and markings
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