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The Unfurnished Bernedoodle !!!!

          What does this mean ??

What is an unfurnished Bernedoodle ?

Simply put an unfurnished Bernedoodle is  a dog that does not have coat furnishings.  If you take a look at the photos I have provided, these are all unfurnished Bernedoodles.  Notice the smooth face.  They do not have the bearding and facial hair of a Bernedoodle with furnishings.

Depending on who  the breeding parents are , it seems to influence the final outcome of the look of the unfurnished Bernedoodle.   

The photos I am using are of adult unfurnished pups from my litters.

I will try to make this page as easy to follow as I can for the average person  wondering what all of this is about.

What are the benefits of an Unfurnished Bernedoodle??

The benefits are many.

While the average life span of a Bernese is 6-8 years.  It is expected that by adding the poodle gene, your dog will enjoy a life span of 10-12 years +

An unfurnished doodle is much easier to maintain as far as grooming goes.  Very low maintenance.  This can mean a savings of $400-600 a year in grooming fees.

You can expect an unfurnished doodle to shed far less than its Bernese counterpart.  A Bernese is a heavy shedding dog.  An unfurnished doodle will be a medium to low shedding dog.

For the true Bernese lover who does not want to have a dog with a shorter lifespan,  this dog will fulfill you.  The appearance will be similar to that of  a Bernese.  ( Again this is dependant on the types of dogs used when breeding )   An unfurnished Aussiedoodle will likely take on a close appearance to an Australian Shepherd. 

So with an unfurnished doodle.  You can have your cake and eat it too !!!!!!

Furnished Bernedoodle and unfurnished Bernedoodle side by side

Are you still a tiny bit confused???  This is Ollie and Marley at 6 months of age.  They are brother and sister and live close to each other.  They meet up for a play now and then.

Ollie is furnished ( on the left )  Marley is unfurnished ( On the right )

Don't be confused about curly coats. The curly gene is not the same as the furnishing gene !!!! They are different.   The furnishings gene shows itself best in the bearding and facial hair. So you can see that Marley has a smooth face and Ollie has the bearded look.  I like to say " A muppet look ".

How do we get these unfurnished doodles  ????

I am going to try and keep this very simple.  It can go much further   and become much more complicated.   For what I breed,  I don't really need to go more in depth.  I am hoping that this chart will help you see what happens when we breed certain types of dogs together. 


  Unfurnished puppies are not an accident.  We are aware of what we are breeding.  There are many people who ask for an unfurnished doodle and there are many people who have never heard of them but are thrilled to find out they exist. 


I hope I have helped out a little with explaining what these gorgeous dogs are !!!

ff  coat

Bernese Mountain Dog

FF coat

Standard Poodle

Ff coats

Aussie Bernedoodle ( Left )

Bernedoodle ( right )

Both dogs are furnished

ff coats

 You will notice they have the same coat furnishings as a Bernese Mountain Dog 

Both dogs are unfurnished

I am using a small  " f "  for IC.  IC stands for incomplete coat.  You may see breeders say IC clear referring to the coat.  This is an F/F coat.

So my F/f is also F/IC.  My f/f is IC/IC  

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