Upcoming Litters

 I  ask for a $250 partial deposit to go on a wait list.  


  The balance of the deposit is due when your puppy is born.  ( $500 ) 

All deposits are non refundable but may be used towards a future litter.  


So the total deposit is $750.  

Bernedoodle pups coming up for sale !!!!
Breeding dates are guestimates for the next heat cycles.  An approximation of when a puppy can go home is 4 months after the estimated date of breeding.  Mother Nature makes the rules.
louie-square_orig (2).jpg

Baxter was not available.  This Louis will be paired for Annies next litter.  She is a nice 60 lb Bernese and he is 35.   Appx due date is Oct 23rd.

DSC00863 (2).JPG

Julie and Rocco have bred.   Exp due date is  November 9th

Baxter may not be available due to reasons out of our control but I do have a back up stud lined up just in case.  He is a 35 lb  multigen  Doodle. 
louie-square_orig (2).jpg
Osha was bred with Louis.  Hopefully by doing a stud change.  We will get her a proper sized litter !!