Upcoming Litters

 I  ask for a $250 partial deposit to go on a wait list.  


  The balance of the deposit is due when your puppy is born.  ( $500 ) 

All deposits are non refundable but may be used towards a future litter.  


So the total deposit is $750.  

Due to Covid.... No cash or cheque transactions will be accepted. E Transfers only.  For the case of US citizens?  PayPal is also accepted.  

Bernedoodle pups coming up for sale !!!!
Breeding dates are guestimates for the next heat cycles.  An approximation of when a puppy can go home is 4 months after the estimated date of breeding.  Mother Nature makes the rules.

 Due to Covid my house has been closed to visitors.  For my families safety and for yours too.  I understand this is not for everyone.  So please feel free to search for another breeder if this rule doesn't work for you.  I am not going to budge. 
Not being able to visit the puppies is not a deal breaker for deposit refunds.  This is the way it is now.   
Covid has changed the way we all live and the way we do business.  We all have to do our part to keep each other safe and healthy.
Thanks for your support.