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Breeders Responsibility

As a breeder... I do my best to make sure the stud and dam are healthy and will  produce pups that have wonderful temperments and be the very best representation of the breed.  I expect no less from the people who adopt from me.

I expect you will provide the pup with the best of food and care and training.

Mother Nature has the last word on all of us no matter how hard we try to stay ahead of her.  My families understand that and do there best to provide the very best of food and health care.

I expect that all of my families share happy and sad times with me. 

I cannot possibly do better with families who do not communicate with me.   I need to know if any of my pups are ill .  I need to keep track of that.  How can anyone trust a breeder that has not been given information *( good or bad )  about a pup that was adopted out.  I rely on you and so do other puppy adopters.

It is very important that we stay in communication after you adopt a pup from me.  Be it great news or sometimes sad news. 

I look forward to helping you welcome a new Bernedoodle or Bernese puppy to your family.

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