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Our Boys

My studs are available for use to approved breeders.  A stud contract must be signed before services are rendered. All dogs have been DNA tested with Pawprints genetics or are  clear by parentage for breed specific DNA tests.


Ozzie is an F2 Bernedoodle that is read y to be a pappa summer of 2023.
He is clear by parentage for panel tests

This is Louis.  He is a standard poodle.  Brindle in colour with a flare of white on his chest.  Louis is joining Alpine Ridge Berners as a future stud.   He will be living in a loving Guardian Home in Campbell River.   He will be the future stud for our darling Becca and also Lita and Osha. He will be ready to stud in  January or February 2018.

Poodle Panel Results

DM - clear

GM2 - clear

Progressive retinal atrophy - clear

Von Willebrand - clear

Osteochondrodysplasia - clear

This is Rocco.  He is an exceptional male Bernese Mountain Dog.  He is registered and from European bloodlines. 

Rocco lives in a fantastic Guardian Home in Duncan.

Bernese Panel Tests:

DM  - Clear

Von Willebrand - Clear

This is Brenner ( aka Haze )   This is a sweet male Bernedoodle stud for the future.


Mr Freddie ( aka Quinn ) is a mini male Red Merle Lagotto/Mini Australian Shepperd.   He will join the program for our Bernedoodles.  I am working with another breeder in BC on this for Bergattos.  Lagottos are an Italian breed and just amazing. 

Freddie is clear on all of his DNA panels.  Mr Freddie Quinn  After a famous German singer that was also my moms childhood friend.  



Milo is a chocolate merle Australian Shepherd.  He is owned by Ponderosa Sod Farms in Courtenay and I will be using him as a stud for some litters in the future.  

Our Girls

allie (2).jpg

This is Annaliese  ( Anna ).  She is a pure Bernese Mountain Dog.  Daughter of  our own Rocco and Becca.   She will be ready early 2021 to be a m momma for us.

184830004_316501990104338_4672488731941850687_n (2).jpg

Chloe will be on our team and   She will be ready to be a momma around March 2022


Berti  is a sweet Bernedoodle from French Creek Bernedoodle.  She is from our stud Rosco .  She is in a Guardian Home in Courtenay and will be a momma for Alpine Ridge Late spring of 2022


Pippi is an F1b chocolate bernedoodle.  She will be a momma late summer or early fall 2023.  Shie lives in a Guardian Home in the Qualicum Beach area .

Sprocket is an F2 Bernedoodle.  She had her first litter Oct 2022.

Sadie is an F1 Bernedoodle.  She is ready to be a momma soon.  She is in a Guardian Home in Victoria


Schatzi is F2b.  She is in a Guardian Home in town.  She will be ready to be a momma in Late 2023 to early 2024. 

Tolly2 (2).jpeg

Tilly us ab  F2b doodle. She lives in Campbell River in a Guardian Home.  She will be ready to be a momma fall of 2023. 


Crash is an F2b doodle.  She is also in a Guardian Home in Campbell River.  She will be ready to be a momma in fall 2023 or early 2024. 

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